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Hey all ya crazy people! Welcome to The Vault, that's what we call it now, me and my friends who all use this that is. It's a great place to put all roleplays we do, even if they are roleplayed else where, mainly, because then we can come back to them at a later date if we ever feel the need to, and pick up right where we left off if we really want to. It's also perfect for posting character profiles, roleplaying ideas, future possibilities with characters who have their lives entwined, posting reference pictures for certain areas and items, and much more. The Vault is made for everything roleplay that's between just me and my friends, because I love them so much I decided to make a site just for them and make them all moderators! Why moderators you ask? Because moderators can edit their forum posts whenever they want, that's why. How many times have you reread a post and found an error or two that just bugs you and bugs you? I know I've found one more than just a few times, which is why I love this site and having the ability to fix my mistakes! I love being able to look back on old roleplays! I love being able to remember old characters I used only once! Most of all, I love having a place for just me and my friends to roleplay to our hearts' content, without any rules or restrictions. Without worrying about others judging what our characters do or thoughts come up with. I love just being myself, and I hope- I know you do too, because you're my friend, and you're hopefully human, or at least pretending to be and planning your rise against humanity to bring us all down and take over the world (In which case let me help you, please, seriously, humanity sucks).

  Quirky and out of control, your friend, Krystal Sky

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